The MS Method

How it goes down.

Step 1.

You will sign up and pay through the sign up page. You will then recieve an email with a form which you will need to fill in as accuratley as possible. Once received and accepted, you will be sent your customized portion planner based off of your current stats and goals input into the information form.

Step 2.

You will be sent and given access to all of the content which you'll need to read to understand your portion planner. You'll be given access to the facebook group, where you can interact with me, access live Q&As, and interact with other members.

Step 3.

Every 4-weeks you will have to resend your measurements and progress photographs back to me. I will make any necessary adjustments to your portion planner and send it back to ensure that we can keep the results coming!

Step 4.

Stick to the game plan, and watch the results unfold. Please do not hesitate to ask ANY questions along the way!

What does it include:

A Personalized Portion Planner

You will receive an initial portion planner specific to your goals. Following the assessments you will receive any amendments to that.

The MS Method Guide Book

This guide book explains all of the basic information about the Method. How to use the portion planner, how to track your intake, how to balance your diet, and how to track results.

Constant support and guidance from me throughout.

I am there to support you the whole way. Use our closed facebook group, emails, WhatsApp, or through whichever method is best suited to you. I am here to make sure you get results!

Here are some examples of what you can expect..

AED 262.00 / AUD 100.00 per month.

Let's get cracking!